This listing and the relationships here are somewhat speculative.

They are yet to be confirmed.

The information is based on 1881 census and GRO records.

This may be the family from which William went to New Zealand and Charles went to Canada

1. George Blaskett, b. ~1781, Wye? Kent UK, d. 1840, Wye Kent.

He married Sarah, 1825, in Wye, b. ~1784, Wye? Kent UK.


2. i Edward Blaskett b. ~1826.

3. ii William Blaskett.

Second Generation

2. Edward Blaskett, b. ~1826, Wye Kent UK, d. ~1900.

He married Eleanor.


i Mary Margaret Blaskett, b. March Q 1854, Wye Kent

ii Caroline Maria Blaskett, b. Sept Q 1856, Wye Kent UK

iii Henry Thomas Blaskett, b. June Q 1858, Wye Kent UK, d. ~1910.

iv Edward Blaskett, b. March Q 1860, Wye Kent UK, d. ~1900.

v George Waller Blaskett, b. Dec Q 1861, Wye Kent UK, d. ~1912.

vi Frederick A Blaskett, b. ~1863, Wye Kent UK, d. ~1913.

vii Eleanor Elizabeth Blaskett, b. Dec Q 1865, Wye Kent UK.

viii Herbert William Blaskett, b. Sept Q 1867, Wye Kent UK, d. ~1915.

ix Florance Sarah Blaskett, b. Dec Q 1869, Wye Kent.

x Horace Francis Blaskett, b. Sept 1871, Wye Kent UK, d. ~1933.

xi Spencer Blaskett, b. June Q 1874, Wye Kent UK, d. ~1933.

xii Edith Susanna Blaskett, b. March Q 1873, Wye Kent UK.

xiii Reuben Blaskett, b. Maech Q 1875, Wye Kent UK, d. ~1933.

xiv Agnes Blaskett, b. Sept Q 1877, Wye Kent UK.


3. William Blaskett.

He married Mathilda, 1845, in Folkestone Kent.


i William Blaskett.