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 Royal Australian Engineers Corp Training


This Site currently contains Photos of two Field Engineers Courses conducted at The School of Military Engineering  Casula N.S.W. in the 1970's.

If  you recognise anyone please Email the owner of the Photograph on the Email link with the photo.

Doug Carruthers....October 2007







 Royal Australian Engineers

   52/71.     6 troop

School of Military Engineering   (SME)

Casula N.S.W.




Do you recognise anyone in the picture ? If you do please Email me with any details you wish to share . I recently “rediscovered “ this group photo and the names of most of these fellow Sappers have escaped me. Would be pleased to hear from any one who may have been in 6 troop or knows someone in the picture.



Doug Carruthers… Adelaide  Oct 2007



Sapper in bottom left hand (front row) is No 1…. Sapper in top right hand is No 40.  Numbered from left to right.

Front row:   1 to  11.  2nd row : 12 to 21.. 3rd row: 22  to 31. Back row  32 to 40.


Known   in Part

21.    Ted Hudson.. Rhynie   S.A..    Townsville  1st Field

23     Bluey     ?     Burketown   NT…..??

30     Doug Carruthers,   Broken Hill . NSW.  Reinforcement/Holding Troop,   OCS Portsea

40     Kenny Brahm  ?????????

19.    Possibly     Mick Quinn   ??????????????


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