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Members are welcome to post their surplus bits and pieces
Email Andrew at with a list suitably formatted


We meet in Adelaide, South Australia at the Clarence Park Community Centre, 72 East Avenue, Black Forest, 5034. 

Please note the venue is the office building in East Avenue NOT the main building in Cantebury Terrace!!

Meetings are 7.30pm on the second Tuesday of the month, Public holidays excepted.

The AVR and PicAxe Special Interest Group meets every Monday night @ 7.30pm, Public holidays excepted. All are welcome...

 There is a $3.00 charge to cover the cost of hiring the rooms.


Andrew Wilson
Sirius Cybernetics
PO Box 462
Goodwood, 5034
South Australia.

Phone : 0449 080 707 Mobile
(08) 8371 3531 Workshop

If your interest lies with the MicroChip PIC micros, poor soul, then attend the

South Australian Pic Users Group
They meet at :
The Buttery Reserve,
259 Portrush Road,
Norwood, 5067.
from 7:30pm to 9:30pm on the Fourth Tuesday of each month.
A fee of $3 is charged to cover club administration.

Do not be ashamed of this affliction, several of our members are similarly burdened and seem to live good and useful lives.


If your interest lies with the MicroProcessor Architecture, then attend the

South Australian Microprocessor Group Incorporated
They meet at :
WEA , 223 Angas Street, ADELAIDE
from 7:00pm on the Second Friday of each month.
See their website for further details.

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In response to pressure from our PIC using friends and to allow us full use of the facilities, we have shifted our meeting to the second Tuesday of the month as above.
At present our membership comprises
6 AVR users
5 PIC users
1 Z8 user

The above also have experience in the use of 68HC11, Z80/180, 6502, 68000, etc, etc...


Our NC Machine Subgroup is well established and members are at various stages of building various drills and routers etc.  My own version is already producing small SMD PCBs for a project that I am working on.

Rob Payne's Exposure Timer for PCB manufacture, AVR based of course, has been published, in Radiomag December 2001.

Peter Roesenthal, with assistance from David Leigh, has produced a CCD camera based system for high magnification PCB/IC examination etc.
See Silicon Chip October 2001 for details

 Further details of these projects will be posted here when time permits
would YOU like to volunteer to do it? :)

eLabtronics have moved to Byron Place.

Last modified : 08 September 2008