Perpetual Trophies

Shahzada Trophy for Hound of the Year

donated by Messrs. Paelchen & Dally

Marsula Trophy for Runner Up Hound of the Year

donated by Claude & Margaret Bennet

1974 - 2013 Huntingdale Trophy for Best Exhibit In Show donated by Mr Clem Hill.

Stand donated by Shazzan Kennels

This Trophy has now been retired


2014 - The Michael O'Callaghan Memorial Trophy for Best Exhibit In Show - donated by Bianca Van Hasterran

1974 Afghan HoundCh Xubedar Ghengis Khan
1975 Afghan HoundDzum Darktown Strutter
1976 Afghan HoundCh Kalasarkari Toccata
1977 SalukiImray Elhor Bethesda
1978 Afghan HoundCh Kalasarkari Toccata
1979 Dachshund Mini SmoothCh Sundown Masquerade
1980 Afghan HoundFermoy Hey Look Me Over
1981 Basset HoundCh Conmurra Jokers Wild
1982 Basset HoundCh Conmurra Jokers Wild
1983 Basset HoundLe Marchant Barnston
1984 Whippet Martinique New York Rag
1985 SalukiCh Brangenybe Ramadan
1986 Basset HoundConmurra Yosemite Sam
1987 SalukiCh Yasbiq Saudi Shai
1988 Basset HoundCh Saucisse Match-U-Belly
1989 BeagleHilldamar Make My Day
1990 Basset HoundCasbas Cardinal Sin
1991 SalukiCh Yasbiq Saudi Shai
1992 BorzoiCh Colhough Corndodger (Imp.UK)
1993 AfghanHoundCh Transwind Divine Madness
1994 BorzoiCh Colhough Corndodger (Imp.UK)
1995 SalukiCh Qat Camelot
1996 Foxhound Casualeigh Luyten
1997 Dachshund Mini SmoothCh Millewa Just A Dream
1998 Rhodesian RidgebackCh Shelridge Avant Garde
1999 WhippetCh Statuesque Extortion
2000 Dachshund LonghairCh Keaton Jaks
2001 BasenjiCh Helios The Dragonfly
2002 BasenjiCh Helios The Sea Eagle
2003 Dachshund LonghairCh Lohengrin Adoniss (N)
2004 WhippetCh Skyeway Planet Hollywood
2005 Petit Basset Griffon VandeenCh Ebbtide Fitzroy Fred
2006 Afghan HoundCh Suliman By Distinction
2007 Basset HoundGr Ch/Am Ch Vahhalas Dreamchaser (Imp USA)
2008 Petit Basset Griffon VandeenGr Ch Ebbtide Fitzroy Fred
2009 Afghan HoundCh Tahkira Painted Idol
2010 WhippetCh Skyway Ballykiss Angel
2011 Afghan HoundSeistan's The Right Stuff
2012 Afghan HoundSup Ch Tahkira Take A Chance On Me
2013 Basset HoundCh Longbay Yeoman Of The Guard
2014 Irish WolfhoundGlenfels The Boy From Oz (AI)
2015 Afghan HoundSup Ch Tahkira Take A Chance On Me
2016 Afghan Hound Sup Ch Suliman Poetic Justice
2017 WhippetWyldchase Why Why Why Delilah
2018 Dachshund Long Haired Sup Ch Keaton Apollo (AI)
2019 Dachshund Long Haired Sup Ch Keaton Apollo (AI)
2020 Dachshund Mini SmoothCh Boarbadger Timekeeper
2021 Afghan Hound Ch Suliman Rewrite The Stars (AI)

The Ivor Thick Memorial Trophy for Runner Up to Best Exhibit In Show

donated by Mr

2020 Azawakh Ch Imidiwan Amali (Imp Pol)
2021 Basset Hound Ch Beauchasseur Jack Be Nimble



Shirley Willmott Trophy for Best Baby in Show

2015 WhippetChakrata Tart With A Cart
2016 Basset Hound Beauchasseur Thinga Ma Jig
2017 WhippetAarak Aint Seen Nothing Yet At Wyldchase
2018 BeagleHounsley Hooked On A Feeling
2019 Basset Fauve de BretagneTrisven Hurricane Bentley
2020 Rhodesian Ridgeback Caprivi Praise Be (AI)
2021SalukiTiana My Kinda Magic


Mrs J Cottrell Trophy for Best Minor Puppy in Show

donated by Mrs Cottrell

2018BorzoiMistraka Zachery Smith
2019 Basenji Miniatura Mockingjay
2020 Basenji Zandeena Drive Like U Stole It
2021Whippet Ch Skyway Above The Stars


Best Puppy In Show

1995 to 2018 Pamela Jennings Trophy donated by Paul Jennings


2019 The Angel Plate ....  donated by K K & R Hutchings

1995 Dachshund Mini Long Dacshoe Sundowner
1996 Beagle Kalvesta Gizabel
1997 Afghan Hound Ibadan Aint Thatthe Truth
1998 Dachshund Mini Smooth Boarbadger Ballistic
1999 Rhodesian Ridgeback Caprivi Secret Edge
2000 Dachshund Mini Smooth Stardyne Siera
2001 Whippet Swifthund Made Youlook
2002 Whippet Skyeway Enchanted Dream
2003 Dachshund Long Haired Keaton Billy Bragg
2004 Dachshund Long Haired Keaton Blak In A Flash
2005 Whippet Swifthund Pistols At Dawn
2006 Basenji Obsidion The Huntsman
2007 Greyhound Xilone Wishupona Tiger (AI)
2008 Dachshund Mini Smooth Wildchase Woops A Daisy
2009 Afghan Hound Suliman Killer Pose
2010Whippet Rosiel Royal Scandal
2011 Basset Hound Kareta Pirate King
2012 Rhodesian Ridgeback Kushika Hole In One
2013 Petit Basset Griffon Vandeen Bondestin Right On The Kisser
2014GreyhoundWhirlaway Dizzy Miss Lizzy (AI)
2015DeerhoundLiathghorm Lord Sean (AI)
2016Foxhound Foxgully Somerset Sam
2017 Whippet Wyldchase Why Why Why Delilah
Afghan Hound
Dachshund Smooth Haired
Suliman Cut From Marble
Ch Boskahun Billion Dollar Baby (AI)
2020 Irish Wolfhound Tirowen Octavian
2021 Irish Wolfhound Creena Summer Lovin At Whirlaway (AI)

The Greycroft Trophy for Best Intermediate In Show

donated by Mr & Mrs J Lewington

1988 Irish WolfhoundCh Brooksborne Rogue (IJR)
1989 WhippetCh Hydale Dyamond Duual
1990 SalukiQat Camelot
1991 SalukiCh Qat Camelot
1992 BeagleCh Hilldamar Star Performer
1993 Afghan HoundCalahorra Aviator
1994 SalukiCh Kiabe Baskhan (N)
1995 FoxhoundCh Peelhunt Quizzical
1996 BorzoiCh Broughclay High Society
1997 Whippet Statuesque Jewel Thief (AI)
1998 Rhodesian RidgebackCh Shelridge Avant Garde
1999 GreyhoundAus/Fin Ch Rantalaukan Jattilaisboa (Imp. Fin)
2000 BasenjiCh Helios The Dragonfly
2001 BasenjiAkale Shza Doll
2002 Rhodesian RidgebackCh Caprivi Asgood As Itgets
2003 Afghan HoundTahkira What The Hell
2004 Irish Wolfhound Greycroft Reginald
2005 WhippetSkyeway In Cabaret
2006 WhippetSwifthund Yumyontheyes
2007 Petit Basset Griffon Vandeen Citronaire Angelique
2008 WhippetRushdale Kizmai
2009 Dachshund Mini Long Boarbadger Gimme Sumskin
2010 Rhodesian Ridgeback Ch Caprivi By Patent (AI)
2011 Whippet Ch Myskyan Dream Out Loud
2012 Irish Wolfhound Ch Tirowen Quinn
2013 Dachshund Longhaired Ch Keaton Freeze The Frame
2014 Rhodesian Ridgeback Ch Inzara And It Goes Like This
2015 Whippet Cheshunt Isamagic
2016 Whippet Whirlaway N Like Flynn
2017 Basenji Ch Baagna Last Hurrah
2018 Whippet Coridale Almost A Criminal
2019 Rhodesian Ridgeback Ch Kushika Out Of The Woods
2020 Whippet Wandarrak One Sweet Talka
2021 Basset Fauve de Bretagne Ch Trisven Hurricane Bentley

Trophy for Best Australian Bred Exhibit in Show

donated by Miss Brianne Major

2019 WhippetAarak Ai'nt Seen Nothing At Wyldchase
2020 Irish WolfhoundCh Tirowen Saoirse
2021 Rhodesian Ridgeback Ch Shakuru Here I Go Again


The Sup Ch & Neut Gr Ch Tamsala Mitena Magic Trophy for Best Neuter in Show

donated by Ms Heather Ann Budd

2019GreyhoundCh Whirlaway Star Gazer (AI)
2020Basenji Sup & Neut Ch Tamsala Plymouth Roadrunner (AI)
2021BasenjiSup & Neut Ch Tamsala Plymouth Roadrunner (AI)

The Ravvar Red Sirius Trophy for Best of Breed Rhodesian Ridgeback

donated by Dr & Mrs J Roberts

1997Ch Ravvar Cor Cassiopeia ET
1998 Ch Shelridge Avant Garde
1999 Macumazahn Tragicaly Hip
2000 Ch Groberspals Kane J
2001Ch Balnacoin Mlinzi Mou ET
2002Ch Caprivi Asgood As Itgets
2003Gr Ch Caprivi Asgood As Itgets ET
2004Ch Caprivi Vanilla Sky
2005Ozrhode Divine Mystique
2006Gr Ch Caprivi Asgood As Itgets ET
2007Ch Ozrhode Divine Mystique
2008Ch Ozrhode Divine Mystique
2009Ch Ozrhode Divine Mystique
2010 Macumazahn First Edition
2011 Ch Caprivi By Patent (AI)
2012 Ch Macumazahn First Edition
2013 Ch Macumazahn Lordless Samurai (AI)
2014 Ch Inzara And It Goes Like This
2015 Ch Macumazahn Playdit To The Beat
2016 Dual Ch (T) Kushika Sno Way To Behave
2017 Ch Caprivi Im Chuck Bass
2018 Ch Macumazahn Playdit To The Beat
2019 Ch Kushika Out Of The Woods
2020 Ch Shakuru Beat It
2021 Ch Shakuru Beat It

The Harold King Memorial Trophy for Best Dachshund In Show
donated by Ms S Packer

2020 Ch Boarbadger Timekeeper
2021Boarbadger Dreams In Colour

Retired Trophies

The Hilldamar Trophy for Best Junior in Show has been returned to the donors, Mr David & Mrs Margaret Hill

The Monica Smith Memorial Trophy for Best of Breed


donated by Saluki Friends

1998 Ch Ch Qat Gindari
1999Ch Bagdag Creme D'La Creme
2000 Ch Qat Icaris
2001 Ch Yasbiq Saudy Sakkara
2002Ch Yasbiq Saudy Sakkara
2003Aja Aqrab Qafiz (Imp NZ)
2004Ch Aja Aqrab Qafiz (Imp NZ)
2005Ch Aja Aqrab Qafiz (Imp NZ)
2006Gr Ch Aja Aqrab Qafiz (Imp NZ)
2007Imray Kallista
2008Qat Jamil
2009Ch Qat Jessica
2010Ch Habjb Ajeer Jadhwah (Imp NZ)
2011Ch Qat Jaddah

The Basenji Enthusiasts Club of South Australia Trophy

donated by The Basenji Enthusiasts Club of South Australia

1999Ch Akale Aza Hunter
2000 Ch Helios The Dragonfly
2001Ch Helios The Dragonfly
2002Ch Helios The Sea Eagle
2003Ch Baagna XS Crusader
2004Ch Baagna XS Crusader
2005Baagna Bold N Jazzy

Meg Memorial Trophy for Best Australian Bred in Show

1981BeagleArquebus Maid In Magic
1982SalukiQat Austere
1983BeagleCh Arquebus Maid In Magic
1984BeagleCh Rallydon Star Struck
1985BeagleCh Rallydon Grand Slam
1986BasenjiKzinti Noble Dignity
1987BorzoiCh Arbee Cosack Prince
1988BasenjiCh Bambuti Jungle James
1989GreyhoundCh Xilone Singin The Blues (V)
1990FoxhoundCh Peelhunt Genevieve
The Trophy has been returned to donors, Mr & Mrs A Curran
Isadora Trophy for Best Opposite Sex in Show

donated by Mr & Mrs C Pollard

1977Afghan HoundCh Dzum Darktown Strutter
1978BeagleCh Trevera Guinea
1979Afghan HoundCh Touhi-Tikan Yty (Imp Fin)
1980Basset HoundCh Conmurra Jokers Wild
1981BeagleCh Yendeme Goody Two Shoes
1982BeagleCh Ravenal Rosamunde
1983WhippetCh Martinique Calico Star
1984Basset HoundCh Diamondglow Rasputin
1985Basset HoundConmurra Wicked Wun
1986WhippetCh Skyeway Yankee Sigma
1987BasenjiBambuti Jungle James
1988WhippetCh Skyeway Yankee Sigma
1989WhippetCh Skyeway Movie Star
1990SalukiQat Camelot
1991Afghan HoundCh Transwind Divine Madness
1992....Afghan HoundFermoy Airs And Graces
1993SalukiKiabe Baskhan
1994Dachshund LonghairCh Keaton Jaks
....The Trophy has not been returned to the Club