The Elson Family
in South Australia

Compiled by Robert Elson

Database of Family Members

This is a database of the family members sharing William Elson from Manchester or Frances Provis from Wiltshire or both who came to South Australia in late 1840s as a common ancestor,  their partners and the families of partners.

It has been compiled from information given to me by many family members from the West Coast and Adelaide including Dr. Neil Elson, Dorothy Skuse, Douglas Elson, Wendy Elson, Kathleen Kilmartin, Des Elson, Jean Elson, Clare Elson, Shirley Elson and Julie Bell.

The information contains basic information about individuals such as their date of birth, parents, partner and children. Some of the information is not complete and I would appreciate it if you could supply me with any missing information. Please also let me know if the information contains errors. My email address is

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