Crest The Elson Family
in South Australia


The Other Children
of William & Frances

In addition to Midford, Wilberforce and Joseph there were eleven other children: Mathew, Gertude, Naomi,  Frewer, Wally, Amy, John, Mary, Frances Anne, Alice, Lydia Maude and Christopher.


Mary married Lewes Vaughan and they had 5 children. All their children except one had Elson in their name.


Frewer, born in 1863 in Port Lincoln, never married, but was the owner of the Elson Brothers Farm. It is said he refused to make a will because he thought if you didn't then you would live longer.

When he died in testate on 24th September 1940 his estate was divided equally between his next of kin. The Elson Brothers Farm was later owned by George Elson.

Walter John

Walter John was born in 1869 and he married Sarah Frances Bell. They had six children and they all had Bell in their names.


Alice married Henry Crawford and they had 6 children: Samuel Cecil, Christopher Elson Crawford, Frances Anne, Henry Havelock, William and Alexander Stanley. Henry Crawford "vanished" later in his life and there has been a lot of conjecture about what happened to him, although it is thought he may have gone to the USA and died there in 1930.

Lydia Maude, Amy and Gertrude

Lydia, Amy and Gertrude never married.

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