Kyalami LR Goldn Alyssum TD

6/10/05 - 6/8/13




  Ch Rijstone Deisel N Dust
 Ch Dinizulu KushindaCh Dinizulu Barklyana
Dinizulu Choma Ch Kipsigis Kuchunga
 Dinizulu FahariCh Dinizulu Dafina
  Ch Nunridge Evolution
 Nunridge MonomatapaRavvar Thalia Aurorah
Kyalami Min McLaren Ch Veldthund Sabre ET
 Kyalami Cas TraminerCh Ravvar Cor Cassiopeia ET


This is Alyss aged 4 weeks.



Here I am at 6 weeks. As you can see, I am growing




& at 12 weeks & my Mum says I am looking pretty good



I was a naughty girl & decided that Dad John's sock smelt really good & I ate it!. So after

spending 2 days at the vets for surgery ----very expensive they keep telling me---- for the removal of said item, my show career was on hold & I finally made it into the ring on 6th March. I won my class over 2 others at the Hound Club of SA show under Breed Specialist, Mrs Sandra Taylor from WA. Mum was happy. Now she expects me to keep it up!!!


Here I am aged 5 months.

I made the cut for best head bitch at the Queensland National

I grew up & got over showing, here I am at Mt Gambier

This is what I liked doing best!!!

Or this - tracking, I loved it