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The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog of great power, strength, dedication and courage.The dog is a native of South Africa, descending from a variety of European breeds which were bred with the wild, ridged dogs of the Hottentot tribes.

The Boer farmers originally used these dogs as multi-purpose companions who could hunt, bring down small game and protect their homes from predators. The ridged dogs became well known above all others for their ability to keep a lion at bay, with a combination of speed, agility, cunning and bravery.

The ridge has become the breed's identifying mark, as the ridged dogs were the survivors at the end of the hunt.

Ridgebacks are sturdy, low maintenance dogs with a faithful, affectionate and loyal nature which makes them good companions for their family. They are dogs of independent character whose aloofness with strangers and physical appearance make them excellent guardians and companions.

Three Sisters

Ch. Ravvar Cor Thalia, Ch. Ravvar Cor Cassiopeia ET, Ch. Ravvar Cor Latona ET