We are especially interested in the effects of diet on the health of Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Our study carried out in South Australia proved that low levels of folate were a great contributor in the cause of Dermoid Sinus in our breed - to see the full paper it is published on the RRCSA Inc Web Site .

Dog's Daily Diet

Raw chicken frame

Diced beef 1 cup

A good cup of minced raw vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, spinach, celery & anything else that might be there, apples etc)

A couple of tablespoons of yogurt (they like vanilla & honey)

Folic Acid (1.25mgm - Megafol 5mgm tabs approx $6 a container from the Chemist)

A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar

Alternate days: an egg or a tin of sardines & sometimes some baked beans or bean mix

Extras added might be whatever bread, pasta or rice which is leftover. Occasionally they will have a bone, but after both Cass & Jo had slab fractures of their back teeth, these are very rare. They now get really chewy treats such as pigs ears or beef ears

Siri always reckoned that bones taste better when its your birthday & you can sneak them into the lounge room to munch on.