Ch. Kyalami Cas Beaujolais 14/4/94 - 2/6/05

Very sadly, we had to let her go after a shot illness which affected her spinal cord. Unfortunately, never a mother, she was the last of a line.


Lionheart Nasa
Lionseeker Atlantis
Ch. Kasenga Mzimba
Lionsperil Beaufighter  
L'Willows Scarlet Maxim
L'Willows Toralyn
L'Willows Tora Ingold
Ravvar Sahara Nyosi
Ch. Ravvar Red Sahara
Ch Ravvar Cor Cassiopeia ET
Ch. L'Willows Red Dove
Ch Ravvar Red Cor Caroli
Ch. Erinridge NambaTano

Grapes are checked for baume each year

They have tried a few times to take my photo but fate conspires against us to get a good one on the stack


As you can see, I also have a very nice ridge - it is a pity that I cant see it!

I dont mind having a shower, but a dip in the water at Carrickalinga is rather nice too!!