Lionsperil Beaufighter 31/1/91- 14/3/01

Although he is now gone, he deserves to keep his own page.


Kajongwes Cobra Azul Tejon (ImpUSA)
Lionheart Nasa
Ch Lionheart Elizabeth
Lionseeker Atlantis  
Ch L'Willows Moonrhythm
Ch Kasenga Mzimba
Ch Sebakwe Sarissa
Churingaloge Shogun
L'Willows Scarlet Maxim
Ch. L'Willows Scarlet Ohara
L'Willows Toralyn  
L'Willows Time Tariq
L'Willows Tora Ingold
L'Willows Sira Tora


Such a handsome devil


They thought that I might make a nice black nose


& what a sticky beak

with a lovely ridge (I won Best Ridge with it at the RRCSA Open Show 1997)

Who hated the show ring?