Once upon a time, late 1986, there was a family living in South Australia who needed a dog. Friends had a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Zuri Dupont & he was just what the family were looking for. They were lucky enough to meet Rob & Di Jolly of Ravvar Rhodesian Ridgebacks who had a litter which was only very new & the Roberts were priviledged to be able to take a precious boy named Sirius home. By this time it was 1987.

He was wonderful and their life was complete with this special boy. Fate however decreed that he was only here for a short four years when he died unexpectadly.The family was bereft and had to wait some months before they could find a new companion.

Lionsperil Beaufighter was found in New South Wales and the fact that he had a brown nose was really an advantage as he was his own dog & not easily compared with the beloved dog whose place he was taking. Mak, (as he came to be known, was just as much loved) needed a friend.

The timing was perfect as Ch. Ravvar Red Cor Caroli (sister of Siri) had just had a litter & the Roberts were given charge of Ravvar Cor Cassiopeia.

Ch Ravvar Red Cor Caroli

Jo, Cass & Mak

Mak & Cassie got on so well it was decided that it was time they had a family. Both dogs were very keen on this idea, so show careers were put on hold for a short while whilst family duties took over.

The Kyalami (Zulu for 'my home') Prefix was born out of this litter. So as to be absolutely sure that the Roberts would never be dogless again, Jo who was to become Ch. Kyalami Cas Beaujolais was allowed to stay & live with her Mum & Dad.Ch. Ravvar Cor Cassiopeia ET had one other litter with Ch. Veldthund Sabre ET in 1996. Kyalami Cas Traminer (Min) from this litter took on the mantle of carrying on the nameIn March 2001, we lost our dear Mak to a tumour of the hip. A devestating time for us. 2001: We now have living with us Kyalami Min McLaren - Ella from a litter with Min - Kyalami Cas Traminer- and Rex- Nunridge Monomatapa, which, in itself, was not uneventful. Ella's sister Roxy - Kyalami Min Barossa - is living with their mum.

On June 2nd, 2005 we had to make the painful decision to let Jo cross over the rainbow bridge to be with her Dad & other family members. Although she couldn't walk because of a spinal cord stoke in April, she was not in any pain & a true Ridgeback was still eating, right up to the end. July 2005: we mated Ella with Dinizulu Choma & kept their daughter, Alyss who was born on October 6, 2005. You can follow her development on her page.

November 2006: Sadly we had to say farewell to our dear Cassie just 3 weeks short of her 15th Birthday. In those years she took her job very seriously & gave us much more pleasure than she ever gave us grief. She was the equal of the very best of the breed & we miss her.

February 2008: Min has now gone to join the others, sad days.

August 2009: Alyss started her tracking career this year & attained her TD (Tracking Dog) title.

2012. Much has happened but I am still waiting for me to be alert enough to call when Alyss to indicates the article that will give her a TDX. We will get there.

2013: We have had an bad time, dog wise. Alyss was diagnosed at the end of last year with lung cancer. We decided that she was too young to let go at that point & she had surgery which gave us another precious 9 months with our beautiful girl. But the end came & we had to let her go to be with the ancestors. Now we have only Ella but what lies in wait for next year, only time will tell.

2014. Well we lost Ella in January but we are so lucky that Inzara Bourne Supremacy aka Zeva or the Goddess has come to live with us. She is such a joy, loves people & other dogs regardless of the breed.

2015: It has been a rough time of late. We, Zeva & I, are now on our own. John died a week after his birthday in March from a very agressive stomach cancer. I am sorry that he wasnt here to see her get her final points for her title, but it was a perfect weekend for dog showing in Mildura so I think he might know the weather gods.

2017. Dont ask what happened to 2016, it went by in a blur. Zeva attained her TD title & this year we hope to get to TDX.

2018:Zeva tricked me & not only gained her TDX last year but went on to achieve her Tracking Champion title. This year she has been desexed & is now working towards her Neuter Champion title.



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Dual Ch (T) Neut Ch Inzara Bourne Supremacy


Ch. Ravvar Cor Cassiopeia ET

Lionsperil Beaufighter

Ch. Kyalami Cas Beaujolais

Kyalami LR Goldn Alyssum TD

Kyalami Min McLaren


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