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January 2021

After a year we would all like to forget, Zeva is contimuing with Noseworks, an activity she began last year to keep the brain tuned. In South Australia, it isnot yet offered as an ANKC activity, but there are moves afoot to change this & hopefully dogs will be able to trial soon. I have big hopes for her.

August 2019

Once again she has proved herself & satisfied Judges that she is worthy of the title Champion attaining her Neuter Title last month. We have been to tracking practice & she has forgotten nothing in the two years since she did a track. Like we once said about her, brains & beauty.

October 2018

I have decided not to go on with the Track & Search with Zeva for various reasons so this year we started back in the show ring to aim at a Neuter title for her. So far. she has won runner up Neuter in Group under an International judge & a couple of Neuter of Breed Challenges under International & Interstae judges. She doesnt like being back in the ring & much prefers tracking so we will just have to do the odd practice run.

August 2017

Unbelievably the Goddess is now a Tracking Champion. She passed her final two tracks with ease, gaining a Very Good from Nick West & a Good from Sandy Tarento. Now we can relax until next year when she will try for her TSD

July 2017

After a late start to the tracking season, Zeva has passed both remaining legs of her TDX. I am very proud of her. Hopefully there will be time to attain at least one track towards her T CH before the season is over.

October 2016

Zeva caught on the move by Ingrid Matscke.


August 2016

Zeva passed her TDX 4 & so next year hopefully she will do well again. The conformation part of her life we are now keeping for Specialtys & International Judges.

May 2016

The Tracking season has begun & we are proud to say the The Goddess passed her TD 3 & is now well on her way to her Tracking Championship. Happily her litter mate, Abby (Inzara Bourne Legacy) acheived her title at the same trial on the same day. Only 5 more successes to go!!!!

April 2016

Shown sparingly over the last few months but she holds her own out there. We are waiting with bated breath now as the tracking season kicks in soon & she only needs to pass one more trial for her TD. Still 32kgs & 66cms - perfect!!

August 2015

Since attaiining her conformation title, Zeva has been to only a few shows but dont think she has grown fat from lack of exercise. Oh no! We have been concentrating on tracking & yesterday, 1st August, she started her quest by receiving a rating of Very Good for her TD1 from Sandy Tarento. Conditions were appaling, extremely wet & cold but it didnt worry her. She had to find one of her best friends Ryder's mother which she did in 10 minutes. Very happy result.

May 2015

We now have an Australian Champion - all done between 1/11/14 & 3/5/15 with breaks for Christmas & Easter thrown in. Very happy...She finished with a Best of Breed & a Runner up Best of Breed at shows in Victoria. She was also Junior in Group (contested) at these shows & got a run for Group.



March 2015

Zeva is now 32kgs & bordering on 66cms. She is growing to an elegant young bitch..



December 2014

It has been an exciting few weeks since the last report. Zeva kicked off her chase for her title by being awarded Best in Group under Mr Len Reddie at the Gawler Show whilst still in the puppy class & handled by her Momma Leah. Since then she has caught the eye of a few Judges & is well on her way to her title. She also passed her cardiac test on 18/12/14 by Dr R Woolley.


August 2014.

In the last couple of months she has grown legs & is beginning to catch a few eyes. No points yet but has been reserve challenge (contested) 3 times. Her teeth have been remarked on by every judge, I think she could get a job as a dentists model.


June 2014.

She is now just 6 months old & is doing us all proud with a recent Best Puppy in Show award at the Hound Club of South Australia May show.



February, 2014


November 2014

May 2015


May 2016 - TD Attained