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Thanks to the efforts of the German Amiga Community and in particular Robert Wahnsiedler, the Phoenix Board is once again in production! A limited run of 47 boards has been produced and 46 have been shipped, hopefully to critical aclaim. Aided by my able assistant, Vincent Pyng Lee, I have been able to step back nearly 15 years and gather all, or most, of the required parts together. The 'most' comes from the area of documentation, which has been a difficult area and some of the docs are being reconstructed from memory and recent experience.. :-)

I will be posting the revised documentation here as it becomes available. Meanwhile Robert has all the available docs.

Prices are as follows :

Fully assembled and tested board, no memory or Commodore/Motorola ICs - AU$ 210.00
As above with SCSI port (8 bit) - AU$ 260.00
Bare Board - AU$ 10.00
Board with all soldered components, no ICs, not tested - AU$ 20.00
Post and Packing varies with location and delivery speed, in the range AU$30.00 to 60.00
Boards will be supplied after the current german order is filled..

The following was the original contents of this page.

The Phoenix Board was originally an upgrade board for Amiga 1000 computers to enable them to use the newer Amiga graphics chips, the "Fat" and "Obese" Agnus, to enable larger amounts of graphics RAM. We have a large quantity of these boards both bare and with all soldered components in place. The PCB is approx 12" by 13" and has 68000 and 68882/1 sockets, EPROM/Flash/RAM sockets, a SCSI port, a Real Time Clock socket and many other bits. All control lines are brought out to an edge connector. It would make an ideal prototyping board for someone working with 68000s or any other 16bit CPU. More details will be provided as time permits. If you think you can use one let us know.... At AU$10.00 for the bare board or AU$20.00 for the assembled board (no ICs) it is a bargain.

Upgrade an Amiga today or just hang it on the wall, the text of Desiderata is on the overlay.... :)

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