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We offer the following design sevices

Andrew J Wilson :

        Electronic Hardware Design, all aspects with a bias toward digital / analog control.

Skills :

		Able to take large electronic projects from concept to production.
		Design Programmable Logic Devices from 20 to 204+ pins, 10K gates or larger.
		    Altera, Xilinx / Plus Logic, AMD / Vantis. ( Examples available )
		Design of Schematics from single to multisheet. ( Examples available )
		Layout Printed Circuit Boards from 1 to 180 square inches, 10 to 550 components, surface mount
		    and through hole. ( Examples available )
		Write control and test software in both high and low level languages.
		    High : Basic and a little C 
		    Assembler : Z180, Z80, Z8, 6502, 2650, AVR and others.
		Electronic components sourcing and procurement.
		Understanding of associated areas in mechanical, hydraulic, electrical fields etc..
		Experienced user of CAD packages :  Protel, Orcad, EEDesigner, Auto Cad (Early), PALASM,
		    SmartWork, HiWire, Altera MAXPlus and others.			
		Competent user of word processor, spreadsheet and database software.
		Able to interact with your staff and management at all stages of project.
		Fitting and Turning, Auto mechanic, Welding, NC Tool design, setting and operation, Metal, wood 
		and plastics fabrication.
		Monolingual, some technical Italian.
		Reasonable public speaking and meeting arrangement skills.
Resources : 

		Multiple 686 level PCs, CAD systems, ink jet printer, scanner, CD writer, etc..
		Licensed Schematic, PCB layout and EPLD design software.
			Protel V3, EEDesigner, EdWin, Altera, AMD, Xilinx, Lattice, Cypress.....
		Extensive SMD rework facilities (not BGA)
		Various electronic tools, scopes, logic analyzers, meters, etc.. 
		Various EPLD and EPROM programmers.
		Extensive data library and component store.




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