Ethics & Sustainability Party

(A political party being formed by Tasmanians for Tasmania. Not strictly a green party but rather rational and environmentally conscious.)
Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park
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<--- Our best attempt at forming a party which those Tasmanians opposed to fast track assessment of the 
Gunns Tamar Valley pulp mill, will feel comfortable voting for if they are unwilling to vote for 
the Tasmanian Greens. So what perceptions by Tasmanians deter them from voting for the Greens?
 1. Greens are economically Centre-left, indeed left of Labor. 
               Unlike Labor, the Greens even propose bringing back death duties.
 2. Greens Abortion policy, e.g. legalising mother's choice "termination"   
                                 of baby part way through actual delivery.
 3. Greens policy on same-sex marriage.
 4. Environmentally too extremist and not practical.

What are the Ethics & Sustainability Party's positions on these matters:
 1. E & S Party is economically centre, i.e. we do not expect private sector taxes to support 
                                             quite as large a public service as would the Greens.
 2. E & S Party supports Tasmania's current abortion laws, i.e. mother's choice "termination"  
                                                                up to 20 weeks term.
 3. Rather than same-sex marriage, E & S Party supports extending Civil Unions legislation 
                                                                to address inequities.
 4. E & S Party strives for the milder environmental compromise that the majority of Tasmanians 
    would be willing to accept when fully informed with the best available information, 
    e.g. regarding pesticides & other contaminants in our air, water and food.

The rationale is that the environmental lobby will now have a political party to suit the preference 
of every Tasmanian who cares in any way about the environment:
 Socialist Alliance - left wing
 Greens - centre left
 Ethics & Sustainability Party - centre but socially conservative
 Democrats - centre but socially progressive. 

Note that Tas Democrats ( and the Secular Party ( are also seeking to become registered for Tasmanian state elections. The Ethics & Sustainability Party supports a greater spread of parties and independents, with their various policies, competing in Tasmanian state elections.

Currently only Liberal, Labor, Greens and Socialist Alliance can stand candidates in Tasmanian state elections as no other parties are at present state registered in Tasmania.

It has been a very sad decade for Tasmania's environment since 2000 and now with the Tasmanian Lower House hopefully expanding to thirty five seats for the next state election, we are glad to see the environmental movement well-placed to turn things around. Liberal and Labor will also be greatly improved as a result of the political competition and be less likely to take the easy road of caving in to big business or the trade unions.


About us:
We are a new party working alongside the Greens to stop
old growth logging and overturn fast track assessment of the
Tamar Valley pulp mill plus address other environmental/public health issues.

The difference between us and the Greens is that we are not 
economically left wing and we don't have their adventurous
social policy.


Authorised by K. Petrovsky, 134 Elphin Rd, Newstead TAS 7250