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ARE YOU A UNITARIAN without knowing it?

If you believe that:

    • No single religion has a monopoly on wisdom and truth.
    • How you behave towards other people is more important than religious creed.
    • Humans are part of a web of creation rather than that the universe was made for our benefit.

If you are:

  • Looking for a religious community in which to seek spiritual growth.
  • Eager to consider religious questions with others who are not always certain they have all the answers, but who are determined to keep looking until they do.
  • Want the fellowship of others for celebration and worship, discussion and education, friendship and mutual support.
  • Want to help children develop their own religious beliefs.

          Then maybe you should get to know us, and let us get to know you.

Our Statement of Purpose

Our church is a congregation of people of all ages who support each other in the search for a better understanding of the Unitarian ideals of freedom, tolerance and reason.  In our spiritual quest we respect and willingly explore all religious heritages and all sources of wisdom, believing all contain truths from which we may learn. In an atmosphere of inspiration and creativity, we strive for peace with justice, understanding and acceptance of each other, serenity and hope. We celebrate life and faith by responding to each other and the wider community with love, compassion and respect for the interdependence of all life.

What do Unitarians believe?

Since a Unitarian's beliefs are the outcome of a personal lifelong spiritual journey, and may continue to evolve in the light of new experience and knowledge, no one answer can be given to that question.  But some guiding principles are offered here.

Click here if you would like to know some personal statements from members of our congregation on why they espouse Unitarianism.

Osmond Terrace lies between Kensington Road, Kensington, and The Parade, Norwood.  The Meeting House is about 200 m from Kensington Road on the west side (the side nearer the Adelaide city CBD).  It is about 4 km from the city.  To reach Kensington Road use the 141 and 142 buses - alight at stop 4. To reach Norwood Parade use the H20 and H22 buses on Sunday and H20, H21, H22 and H24 during the week - alight at Stop 8.

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