William was the son of Dr. Charles George Everard, and as a young man came to South Australia on the "Africaine", arriving in November 1836.  Dr. Everard was ship's surgeon on the voyage and brought with him his wife, daughter and three sons, William, Charles John and James.  As ship's surgeon Dr. Everard was required to take a Sunday Service from time to time. On the first occasion he omitted mention of the Trinity, which caused many people to be upset.  He was ordered to include such paragraphs in future - which he did, perhaps with his fingers crossed!

Dr. Everard had purchased at least two country sections before leaving England as a result of which he was allocated 5 one acre city sections. He purchased a fourth city section at public sale.

Dr. Everard and his sons built their first house on City Section 71 on the north eastern corner of Light Square, but before long, took up farming on country sections 43 and 44 near the present intersection of Anzac Highway and South Road.  William farmed "Ashford" (Section 44) with his father, and Charles John farmed "Marshfield" (Section 43, now Everard Park). They were a strong Unitarian family.

When a public meeting was called with a view to forming a Unitarian Church, Dr. Everard guaranteed 10 and William 5 per annum for three years towards the salary and travelling expenses of a minister from England (requiring 400 and 200 respectively). In October 1857, Dr. Everard sold a portion of City Section 302 to the trustees of the Unitarian Church for the reduced sum of 560 and allowing an additional 150 off this for the Building Fund.

William (the Honourable William Everard MLC, JP) was a member of the Legislative Council and subsequently became Commissioner of Lands and Minister of Education.  He was always an active member of the Unitarian Church, regularly serving on the Committee of Management.  Many a church or Sunday School picnic was held in the grounds of "Ashford" and, on occasions, the two front rooms which William added to the front of the original house were used for church services.

Mrs. Everard was on a committee with Miss Caroline Emily Clark, Mrs. J.C. Woods, Mrs. William Kay, Miss Kate Kay and Miss Spence dealing with the management of Servants' Home Charity Organisation, the District Nursing Institution and the Deaf, Dumb and Blind Society

The Hundred of Everard (County of Stanley), Mt. Everard in the Musgrave Ranges, Lake Everard (near Lake Gairdner) and Everard Creek (now Diamantia) and Everard Park, a suburb of Adelaide, were all named after William.

William died in 1889.

[ The stained glass window first on the left on the north wall of the sanctuary celebrates William Everard ]