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We have now been operating Green River Rifle works for over twenty five years and now feel it is time to slow down a little.

but we are going to be more selective about the jobs we do and the times we keep.

In former years we have been in the shop from 9 till 5 pm week days and 9 to 12 pm Saturdays, we would now like a little more flexibility.

In the past when we had lots of work we would work late but now feel less inclined to do so


Our mail, Phone and E-mail order service will not be affected at all.

We will be closed all Wednesdays but open 9 am to 4.30 pm on MOSTother days and from 9 am to 12 pm on MOST Saturdays,

But we will be having an occasional day off!

Please phone to make sure we are in before coming to see us
or risk disappointment!

Some of the less interesting, difficult and time consuming or less profitable jobs we will simply refuse and some other work may take a little longer but


Allan Vaisham (6443 bytes)The Green River flows mostly through Utah in the U.S.A., beginning in the Rocky Mountains and runs into the Colorado River. The Great Trappers' Rendezvous were held in the region between 1824 and 1840.

Green River Rifle Works has been under its current ownership since 1985 and is the largest Muzzle Loading specialty shop in Australia. We are the only shop to offer a complete service to Black Powder Shooters and our Green River Custom Firearms which are built to customer specifications on the premises are famous.

We also sell factory assembled firearms and kits, accessories- many specially designed and manufactured by us, spare parts, books and magazines, do repairs and restorations to reproduction and antique firearms, in fact anything to do with Muzzle Loading and Buckskinning.

A large part of the business is Mail and Telephone Order and since our beginnings, we have enjoyed an increase in business each year. As a result of that in 1988, we moved from our humble beginnings in a back shed to our large shop come workshop where customers can visit, browse, chat and watch the Custom Guns being created al in the one large area.

We are proud to say that we can offer a complete service to Black Powder Shooters and all your requirements can be found in the one place. If we have not got what you want, we will do our best to get it if it is available.

Orders can be done by e:mail, mail or telephone and charged to your Credit Card for convenience. It is not quite the same as being here with us but we do our best to supply what you need.  Phone and mail orders usually sent out the same day.

Please remember most of our business is mail and telephone order. While we do our best to keep normal trading hours, it is not always possible if we are away at a Gun Show or Rendezvous etc. If you call and there is no answer, please try again later.


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