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Amateur Satellites

I have been playing with AMSATS on and off for a while but have recently refreshed interest along with many others with the arrival of LEO's (low earth orbiting sats) like RS12/13 and UO-14 . These satellites require basic setups and minimal outlay. Most amateur operators would have the gear allready at hand. Hence they are very popular satellites and very busy at times. They seem to me to have a good influence on that part of the hobby. Getting amateurs on satellites who would otherwise percieve it as too hard or too expensive. Have a look at the small page I have constructed on Amateur Satellites and information including some real audio recordings off the sats . Link to Amateur Satellite page.

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Favorite Links

  1. APRS operations in Adelaide and surrounds
  2. DL1EIS Packet Internet gateways lists WW
  3. Stanford SOLAR observation Centre
  4. Realtime Solar MUF World Propagation Contour Map
  5. South Australian weather
  6. Australian Weather Watch Radar
  7. Intellicast World Weather Satellite Imagery
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Personal Interests

Amateur Radio
Ive been interested in this for years and it seems to connect everything else together...
Adealide 10m FM Repeater 29.620 Mhz and 147.675 Mhz
This has been a long term project that is finally happening on air...
Link to 10m Repeater page with More info and news updates.
This was a work related interest initially but has found its way into all parts of life including
packet radio and business running...
PIC Microprocessors
These little 16 bit micro's have an amazing potential and are very exiting . They can be
programmed via a serial port and also erased for reprogramming ...
Link to Tony's little PIC page.
Four Wheel Driving
Along with camping this gets me into the great outdoors... My wife also enjoys travelling.
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Contact Information

Tony Hunt.

Mobile Ph- 0418 814 444

Amateur callsign VK5AH - AX25 Packet address VK5AH@VK5TTY.#ADL.#SA.AUS.OC

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This Page was Last revised: April 04, 2007.