Tonys little PIC Page.

PIC Programmes

I have written a couple of programmes so far that would be of interest perhaps. A CTCSS Tone encoder for radio communications. The file CTCSS14.ZIP contains a ASM file for MPASM, a HEX assembly ready for programming directly to a chip. Also a circuit diagram in JPG form and text description of how to use and setup the encoder. The encoder would work on a 16F84 as well. All i ask if you do use it is that the source remains acknowledged in the code and the code is not modified. Please DONT use this for comercial purposes, just for your own personal use . The Encoder has been fitted to a Philips FM92 FM900 radio and some info is included on how to do this.

Download CTCSS Tone Encoder For 16c84 V1.4

Test Circuit

Also here is a little test programme. The original was by David Tait. I have added to it and inculed an input and another led sequence routine. It simply sequences 4 leds. The input switches the routine to another sequence and shows how input polling can be done. This is a good test to see if your programmer is running after you build it. Included is a Circuit, ASM and HEX files.

Download TESTLEDS.ZIP test routine and circuit.

PIC Programmer

I've knocked together a PIC programmer for the 16c84 only. It should work for the 24c series of Micros as well. Just make sure you plug it into the correct spot in your programming socket. This circuit is another common version modified. I have had trouble with some circuits that work for multiple micros. It was hard to come up with a circuit that worked reliably on many different PCs with different speeds and Com port types so i came up with this one specifically for the 16c84 . You can download the circuit and text description with the FTP link provided under the circuit diag.

Download 16c84 PIC Programmer circuit and text files Zipped.

16F84 ?

Yes the 16F84 is pin compatible with the C84. The C84 is getting hard to buy now where I live so using a 16F84 instead is no problem. The software here and programmer work fine with 16F84 chips . Here is a little diagram showing the actual chip pinouts for them. Confused about Vss and Vdd ? Vss is typically 0v and Vdd is typically +5v .



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