"Queenly Choices"

How the city of Adelaide came by its name (1992)

"Golf's 'Grand Slam' - A Statistical Appraisal"

Golf Research Review (January 2000)

"Retrospective recognition for FEPoWS"

Barbed Wire and Bamboo (June 2001)

"Retrospective recognition for HMAS Yarra"

Based on March-1998 article in Australian Naval Historical Review - updated in 2003

"HMAS Perth - How Australian government and military authorities failed to honour the gallant service of this fine ship" (1998).

"'A new factor in these waters' the loss of HMAS Armidale"

Australian Defence Force Journal (May/June 2003)

"A Trafalgar day story"

"A survivor's 'thank you' note"
USS Peary Darwin harbour, Feb. 1942

"Green for Danger"

An accident waiting to happen?

Book: "In the Highest Traditions - RAN Heroism Darwin 19 February 1942"

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